If you want to contribute to the openmediavault project you have to subscribe a Contributor License Agreement.

Note that the CLA is not a transfer of copyright ownership, this simply is a license agreement for contributions. You also do not change your rights to use your own contributions for any other purpose.

Can I submit patches without having signed the CLA?

No. All contributors and patch submitters must sign the CLA before they submit anything substantial. Trivial patches like spelling fixes or missing words won’t require an agreement, since anybody could do those. However, almost anything will require a CLA.

Contribution rules

Code contributions must satisfy the following conditions. Contributions that do not fulfill these conditions will not be accepted.

  • The coding guidelines must be followed.
  • The feature/improvement must be implemented as generic as possible.
  • The code/feature/improvement must not affect existing functionality.
  • Each commit message in a GitHub pull request must be signed via Signed-off-by: Frank Mustermann <frank.mustermann@xxx.yyy>.
  • If the PR fixes a GitHub issue, then the line Fixes:<ISSUE_NR> must be included.
  • You have to sign the CLA online via GitHub.
  • Make sure your PR has only one commit.

How to become a translator?

If you want to help translating the openmediavault web interface please do the following:

  • Subscribe the CLA and send it to the given email address.
  • Create an account at Transifex and join the openmediavault project as translator.
  • You will get notified when your request has been approved. You will be listed as contributor here.